A Silk screen printing: it can't be more than four colors and gradual. It could be made into any color according to Pantone #. 

B Hot stamping: more shiny/luxury than printing. Design artwork and Pantone # of hot stamping and printing are necessary.

C Injected solid color: solid color can't be seen through. All plastic parts of bottles and jars could be made in any solid color.

D Injected clear color: the injected color could be solid, semi-transparent, and transparent. It becomes very popular recently.

E Metallization: it can be different colors. Both shiny and matte. Printing can be applied on electroplated surface.

F Spraying: outer spraying and inner spraying. It could be made into solid and transparent color like injected color.

G Diamond: both cap and base can be decorated with small diamonds. New moulds are necessary for new designs.

H Transferring printing: acrylic jars and bottles are suitable for transferring printing of wood grain, flowers, animals etc.

I Sculpture: the cap/body could be sculptured into different patterns. Customers should provide pattern design artwork.

J Elements: the cap could be decorated with different elements, crystal, figures, alu pieces, which make caps look nicer.

K Frosted:  jars and bottles with smooth surface could also be made in frosted. Luxury but relatively easy to get scratched.

Cutout: three-dimensional patterns, more vivid than printing. Mould cost is higher than common moulds thanks to complexity.