Injection: all parts of acrylic jars and acrylic bottles, and airless bottles, are injected, which is the first step. Inner bottles of dip tube bottle are blown.

Spraying: plastic jars and bottles could be sprayed inner side and outer side. The spraying color could be single one or gradient from one color to another color.

Hot stamping: on caps and outer jars or outer bottles. The hot stamping could  over whole bottle area.

Printing: after spraying, the parts will be printed. More colors, more difficult. The colors of silk-screen printing should not be more than four.

Quality test: during injection, spraying, printing, our quality inspectors make inspection and carry out unitform quality standard.

Assembly: all ready  parts are assembled on assembly lines into finished units by skillful workers.

Packing: jars and bottles are packed after all previous processes. They could be either a whole unit or separate parts into cartons.Our cartons are standard and strong enough for long distance of shipping by sea. Jars and bottles inside are well protected.

Delivery: after balance arrives, we make despatch of goods. Under DDP term, we will ship goods directly to customer's warehouse.