How to push your brand image by Cosmetic containers

Nowadays, cosmetic packaging plays a more and more important role in cosmetics. It is not just a container or box; it is more about effectiveness of brand and communication for successful merchandising. Great cosmetic packaging sells itself!


Making the best product is not enough, how attractively you package it is also important. Here are some advices for you to push your brand by decorating cosmetic containers,

  1. Label: there are usually paper labels and plastic labels, classified into clear and opaque two types. Clear label is more popular. All content should be printed on the label, and glued to cosmetic containers. Labeling is very suitable for small orders, such trail order or promotion, which can’t meet the quantity limit for printing. It also makes complicated content in many different colors available on cosmetic containers. Our handwork shop handles different types of labels.

  2. Printing: silk screen printing is much more widely used and stereo than offset printing. Offset printing mostly goes with tubes. Printing content should not be more than 4 colors and not too complex. As a dependent part of cosmetic containers, printing gets better visual result than label. It is applied in most orders. We have professional printing workshop to provide customized printing service for different customers.

  3. Sculpture: for better brand promotion, some big cosmetics companies even need to sculpture their own logo in cosmetic containers, such as Channel. The logo is embedded in container mould, so embedded container mould belongs to only one customer, making a unique container for its owner. However, it costs much more than common packaging thanks to extra mould cost for exclusive containers. It is a very good way to show company strength and image if acceptable. Usually, R&D department will develop new mould with logo according to customers’ design, and we are also happy to design it if customers don’t have ready artwork.

    Customers could choose a suitable way above, or consult our salesmen. It is our pleasure to give your our professional advice.


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