BASICS of Cosmetics Packaging

Good packaging talks! It catches customers’ eyes, ask them to buy and leave deep impression in their minds. That is why cosmetic packaging as important as cosmetic products itself! But before we go that far, let’s begin from the basic requirements for cosmetic packaging here,


1.Function: cosmetic containers should function well. There should not be any leaking or breaking during transportation or use. Otherwise, customers’ claim will bring you a lot trouble and big lose. No stain or foreign bodies. Printing and label should be clear and right. Blurry logo or product info will certainly give a bad impression on customers.


2.Safety: cosmetic jars or bottles should be innoxious and clean. They don’t react with contents inside. Some suppliers quote abnormally low prices while they use bad material instead of new material to cut down cost. It makes their products uncertain and less safe. Some plastic materials should not directly contact with certain chemicals, for example, acrylic bottles can’t hold formulations including alcohol without a PP inner. Otherwise, cracks appear.


3.Protection: airtight and light resistant are necessary for those products including active and sensitive ingredients. Common cosmetic containers can’t stop special formulas from outside harm. Plastic is not fragile like glass and it is why plastic becomes more and more widely used in cosmetics field and many other areas.


Before orders, pre-production samples will be provided for customers to make comprehensive tests based on above requirements, which greatly helps the customer to get good idea of the containers he is about to purchase and make final decision.



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